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GoHenry Limited < a UK company parent
A UK Service producer or provider or otherwise a UK friendly spend
UK Services provider
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operates internationally

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prepaid spending card for kids


PREPAID SPENDING CARDS - prepaid spending card for children

extra search words - pocket money. banks. banking. finance.

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Let me fly you to * goHenry * . Click me!


You will find the help service very obliging.
The service is for children from the age of 6 years. Cash can be drawn from cash machines but there may be fees for that. There is an educational element in using the card. + Henry was the first child to start using the card.


Geographical scope
all UK & beyond
Sales via
website form


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Lymington Hampshire, England. UK

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0330 100 7676 help@GoHenry.co.uk
Mobiles esp. use a Cat2 search

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