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Muscle Foods Limited
A UK Retailer
yes UK Retailer
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. . . . £ trade,

The merchandise

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meat & fish & ready-meals usually in bigger quantities to average the delivery costs.


MEAT - Chicken. Beef. Pork. Turkey. Burgers & Meatballs. Steaks. Sausage. Minced Meats. Marinated Meats. Cookit. Nando's. BBQ Meats. Roasting Joints. Caribbean Flavours.

FISH - Salmon. Cod. Tuna. Sea Bass.

READY MEALS - PREPPED POTS - Smoky Chipotle Chicken. Beef Ragu & Cherry Tomatos & Tagliatelle, Asian Style Cod Soba Noodles. Naked Chicken Katsu. Special "not fried" rice. Chicken & Chorizo Paella Pot. Satay Chicken & Rice Pot. Cajun Beef & Rice Pot. Black Bean Chicken & Rice Pot. Butter Chicken Pot.

VEGETARIAN - Meat-Free Bean & Potato Pot. Curried Noodles & Meat Free Chicken Pot. Falafel & Giant Cous Cous. Mushroom & Spinage Bolognese Pot. Levi Roots Veggi Veggi Pot.

 & lots more.

extra search word(s) - vegetarian food. vegan food. ready meals. pre-prepared meals.

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Business listed as a Producer too
The business also produces ready-meals.
For the ready meals click the 'Prepared Meals' tab on the top menu on the website


Geographical scope
all UK
sales via
Internet basket
Locations etc or other
Northern Ireland is supplied via this alternative website from a base in Northern Ireland but using fish sourced in the Republic.


Head office town/city & country
Nottingham Nottinghamshire England UK

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Chat on the 'how to contact us' page' there are other options shown on that page.

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