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J Sainsbury plc
A UK Service producer or provider or otherwise a UK friendly spend
UK Services banker & insurance intermediary
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The Services

brief description of what is offered
banking & insurance


INSURANCES - Pet Insurance, Car Insurance. Travel Insurance. Life Insurance
extra search words - banks. foreign exchange. insurance companies.

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The pet insurance is with Pinnacle Insurance Company Ltd which is a subsidiary of a French insurance company, BNP Paribas The travel insurance is with a German insurance company, Great Lakes Insurance SE. 
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Geographical scope
all UK
Sales via
Locations etc. or other
many walk-in stores


Head office town/city & country
London . England . UK

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0800 023 4567 or phone your local branch.
Contact address
Sainsbury's Bank Customer Relations PO Box 4952 Worthing BN11 9YW

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