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 * What is a UK-friendly spend?

With a few exceptions, this means spending with UK-owned businesses (producers, retailers and service providers) and/or on products produced in the UK. (Further description is in Schedule 1 below) UK products and services can be the best buy and they will usually be the greener option.

This site will tell you of UK-friendly spend options available to you. You will be able to pick up relevant names and use links to listed businesses.  The goal is to have 95% by value of relevant Producers and enough Retailers and Services businesses to cover practically all of your wants and needs and make your visits worthwhile.

* Why is spending some of my money this way important?

UK-friendly spending puts more money into the UK economic pie and so helps to make it bigger. Our pie is too small at the moment to support our standard of living. There is a limit to how much money can be borrowed by our Government to make up for the shortage of economic pie. About 10% of Government spending is currently spent on debt interest. (For further discussion see Schedule 1 below)

There are also incidental benefits in the use of UK creativity and ingenuity and we can have pride in what our country can produce and provide which the rest of the world wants to buy.

* How can this site assist?

The site assists by identifying lots of UK-friendly spending all in one place. Each provider has been the result of focused research. There are a lot of companies ‘cheating’ to make visitors think they are making a UK-friendly spend when they are not. For example, a company may say it is a British producer when it contracts out the production to a Chinese factory. Sometimes wholesalers of Chinese products market themselves as UK producers.

* Are there any other benefits to me by using this site?

You can easily distinguish Producers, Retailers and Services entries because each type is on a separate database. Sometimes a business will fit into more than one type. The system is set up so no confusion is caused and to see how that is dealt with you need to do a few searches. Fudging (mixing up of UK-made products & retailed foreign products) is not allowed.

 The site tells you if a company only serves part of the UK

Most listings have customer feedback somewhere and these feedbacks have been checked to ensure the companies are reputable. For the odd case where there has been no feedback found other considerations have been used instead. This should give you confidence when dealing with the businesses listed. This site has its’ own feedback system too.


* BOOKMARKING – Open an account and use the bookmarking system

When you have an account you can bookmark an entry by clicking the heart shape appearing next to a listing on the search results page etc. In this way, you can have your list /record for future reference. Maybe you see several sites you want to check out when searching for a hat. You can bookmark a few listings and then work through the list. You can clear your bookmarks as and when you want to.

* SEARCHING – Using the search function can be easy

You can only search one database at a time. There are 3 databases (Producers, Retailers & Services) and when you run a search you target just one of them. This will be the one highlighted. Just click on another  before you search to change the target database. In searching for a product most will try keyword(s) first in Producers then Retailers and if needs be do a 2nd search of Retailers by scrolling the Categories/ sub- categories. 

You can avoid retyping for a later search. . When you have typed the word(s) into a search box use the clipboard Copy/Paste feature of your device.to copy. Later use the paste feature to put the wording into an empty search box to progress. Even phones have a copy/paste mechanism. (Copy/Paste on a phone is explained in  Schedule 2 below. Here are a couple of relevant links : Android……IPhone).

Words within words.  If you search for a word which can be part of another word then you will get results for that other word too. So car = car, carpet, cartridge and so on. So cars would be a better choice.

2 words searched together. Two words put into a search such as power tool sometimes run like one word and then have to appear exactly as written in the text searched to be found.

Easy Search References. These can be typed in as something you are looking for. There are just a few on the site so far.

Using the Category etc search. This is particularly useful when searching Retailers. You can click the funnel symbol in the search set-up on the Search Home Page to use the Category etc. search but it is easier to use that method by choosing and clicking an owl flying at the bottom of the page them Filters … This kind of search is especially useful to find businesses which are likely to be involved with the kind of item or service you want where the specific target word(s) have not produced a match. For example, if you want a workbench then you might get no match in a Producers search or nothing suitable. You decide to look in the Retailers for more options. An item search today (2024 01 20) would produce one match. Since it is a common DIY item, by doing a Category search for DIY and using the relevant sub-category offered you are on this date presented with about 9 businesses and several at least will be offering what you want.

The sub-category references. that appear in blue in each listing page next to the title, and which can sometimes be accessed on the All Results Page, are useful ‘to click up’ all the entries of the sub-category in the database you are in. You can then switch to the same sub-category in another database by clicking another type ie Producers Retailers or Services.


* EXAMPLES QD suggests you look at some examples before you start. Just search using the word example.

* RED TABS You click a red tab from the Home page to start a new listing and one on a listing page to start an adoption.

* CONTENT –  Listing  content is subject to approval. What you see in non-adopted sites is provisional as are the sub-category links. There is no linking to Categories which can nonetheless be searched by a visitor. The Description area is currently a place for listing as shown. Entries in that area can only include qualifying products in a Products database listing and so forth The opportunity for description proper is in the following text box, &&, and &&&. There is an extra link facility as you can see. Some contact medium is required. Visitors’ time mustn’t be wasted The user must have a welcoming, useful and time-efficient experience.


Over 1000 listings have been made so far. Practically all known major Producers are already included. There are outstanding necessary details for the few not yet listed. The Retail  listings will have more complete content when businesses adopt and make listings. At the moment some content is item listed, other content uses their categories and generic terms and some content is by a very basic word or two. Practically all sectors are covered and you should usually find relevant  names and links. For Services, the most important sectors have been covered 

We aim is to make your visits worthwhile for you. Thank you for visiting. Please visit often. It is good to have you onboard.

You can start a search easily from this page by clicking an owl flying below then Filters …

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* What is a UK-friendly spend?

   There are 4 kinds of such spending –

1. PRODUCTS – A spend on a product made in the UK;

2. PRODUCTS – A spend with a UK-based producer where the product is made abroad in a facility owned or run by it and then sold internationally and the result is an addition to the UK economic pie; *

3. RETAILERS – A spend via a UK-based and owned retailer; and

4. SERVICES – A spend on a service provided or created by a UK-based & owned business. **

* Only a handful of companies fall into this category. From the listing of each, you can see what is produced in this country and what is not.

** This includes full ownership. It also includes a UK 50 % or majority holding where the business operates internationally. In the latter circumstances, some details will be given.

* Why is spending some of my money this way important?

– Too much debt When about 10% of Government spending is on debt interest and money is borrowed to pay it we know the economic pie is too small.

In 2022/23, our government’s net debt interest spending was £111 billion, which is equivalent to 4.4% of GDP or 9.6% of government spending.

At the end of 2022/23 public sector net debt was  £2.5 trillion which is equivalent to 100% of annual GDP. This is equivalent to around £38,000 per person in the UK. Since many do not work, the actual debt burden of the individual tax-payer is much higher.

Source: The budget deficit: a short guide – House of Commons Library (parliament.uk)

– Foreign Businesses Dominate

Firstly, we are concerned there are too many Producers who produce abroad and then sell here. We can compare the circumstances of a Mercedes car produced in Germany and a Nissan car produced in the UK. A bigger slice will be taken in tax from the UK producer and there is a UK workforce enjoying income and paying tax to boot. Nissan will be sourcing some items and services locally.

Secondly, we are particularly concerned with takeovers and foreign company domination of the retail sector. The takeover of some famous UK Retailers come to mind like Clarks shoes (Chinese brand), Euro Parts (USA company brand), Harrods (Qatar company brand), Harvey Nicholson’s (Chinese company brand) and Hamleys (Indian company brand). The US internet search engines like Google and Bing help foreign international retailers get more prominence in search results than our UK businesses. Of the UK online market, Amazon has a 30% share and eBay a 10% share. There are lots of foreign participants. The highest UK share is taken by Sainsburys with a 4.6% share.

Thirdly, the Services sector also has a big foreign presence. A good example is in car breakdown services. The market leader is the AA with 15 million customers. The nearest rival is the RAC which has less than half of that. The bottom line profit from the AA goes to two USA companies operating out of New York.

Fourthly, progress has been slow because so many companies appear to qualify but when research is done it is found they do not.

Please visit often.


COPY/PASTE ON A PHONE – This is s a bit tricky until you have done it a few times. Sometimes you may need to restart your device for the Copy/Paste system to work efficiently. The Restart will clear the Cache.

You use a finger to select, adjust and activate as usual.

A) Put the search text you want into the search box.

B) Put your finger over the word(s) to select and then remove it.

C) 2 blue markers appear , one at each end of the word(s).. If you don’t see 2 then repeat. The marker positions can be adjusted .

D) You are given the option to Copy, select it.

E) To Paste you put your finger on the right side of the search box , where it is completely empty. Remove your finger and 1 blue marker appears and you are given the option to Paste. If the blue marker did not appear then repeat until it does.

F) Select Paste.

Visuals –    IPhone video         Android video

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