(a) Search words used in Bing Copilot AI = UK British trainer producers?

Copilot – Certainly! Here are some British trainer brands that produce high-quality sneakers and trainers in the UK:

New Balance (Made in the UK): New Balance is well-known for its commitment to British craftsmanship. They produce a range of trainers in their Flimby factory in Cumbria. The “Made in Britain” label is essential to them, emphasizing craftsmanship and quality materials. Be sure to explore their Made in UK collection when purchasing1.

QD Listed. The extra information given is that this is an American-owned company. It also notes that it is the ‘UK collection’ which is made in the UK. Other trainers sold by the company are imports.

Gola (Made in England): Iconic trainer brand Gola offers a collection of 1905, Made in England trainers. These sneakers blend British heritage designs with a contemporary twist, making them a perfect addition to your British-made wardrobe1.

QD Listed. The extra information given is that only a few trainers are made by the company. The others are imports. The trainers involved are noted so there is no confusion.

Grenson Sneakers (Made in England): Grenson, renowned for its exceptional English shoemaking, now extends its expertise to sneakers. Their Made in England range includes over 70 styles for both men and women. Each pair is meticulously crafted in their Northampton factory, ensuring superior comfort, durability, and timeless style1.

QD Listed. The extra information given is that these are luxury items so your time is not wasted if you are not looking to spend serious money.

Duke & Dexter: This British trainer brand specializes in handmade sneakers. While they are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, they also offer unique and stylish designs1.

Norman Walsh: Since 1961, Norman Walsh has been the sole remaining British trainer manufacturer, handcrafting their products in Bolton, England. Their commitment to quality and British production makes them a notable choice for sneaker enthusiasts1.

QD Pending. The company identifies itself as a retailer at Companies House so there is an inconsistency in the information. The AI did not pick up the inconsistency. It may be that it does make some shoes to order and otherwise has UK white-label goods which is satisfactory to qualify for a QD Producer entry. Real-time enquiries are needed in such a case and will be made.

Remember that supporting UK manufacturers by choosing British-made trainers not only ensures quality but also contributes to preserving traditional shoemaking heritage. Happy shoe shopping!

The quiteamazing.directory produces more useful and more accurate information. In all of the above QD outperformed Microsoft AI!

(b) Search words used in Google Geminit AI = UK British trainer producers?

There aren’t a huge number of trainer producers left in the UK, but here are two of the best known:

Norman Walsh: This is the sole remaining British trainer manufacturer, and they’ve been making trainers in Bolton, England since 1961. They use traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials to create trainers that are built to last.

Image of Norman Walsh trainersOpens in a new window


Norman Walsh trainers

QD Listed. It is also noted that this is a luxury product so time is not wasted by those who do not want to dig deep into their pockets for trainers.

Goral: This brand is all about preserving traditional British craftsmanship. Their trainers use the same techniques that have been used for over 80 years, and they’re built to be resoled so you can wear them for years to come.

Image of Goral trainers

QD Listed. It is also noted that this is a luxury product.

The Google AI missed the other trainer producers mentioned above.

Comment – Using QD provides a more complete result than Google AI and searching time is saved.

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