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Certainly the United Kingdom boasts a vibrant toy industry with a variety of retailers catering to toy enthusiasts of all ages. Here are some notable British toy retailers.

1 Hamleys of London A legendary toy store located on Regent Street, Hamleys has been delighting children and adults alike for over 250 years. Their extensive selection of toys, games, and collectables makes it a must-visit destination for toy enthusiast.

QD Not listed. Hamleys is owned by Reliance Retail which is an Indian company.

2. The Entertainer: With over 130 stores across the UK, The Entertainer is a leading toy shop. They offer a wide range of toys, ensuring there’s something for everyone2.

QD Listed.

3. Smyths Toys: Smyths is another popular toy retailer with a significant presence in the UK. Their stores feature an extensive collection of toys, from action figures to educational games2.

QD Not listed. Smyths toys is part of an Irish Republic multinational chain.

4. My Small World (located in Bath): Established in 2005, My Small World is an award-winning toy store. It’s filled with joyous toys, books, and games sourced from around the world3.

QD Listed.

5. Little Citizens Boutique (located in County Down): Known for its unique and carefully curated selection of toys, Little Citizens Boutique offers delightful options for children2..

QD Not listed. The Facebook entry provides a link which takes you to a website written in a foreign language. QD finds a question mark here and insufficient details to give this business a listing. A direct contact is needed for information.

6. The Disney Store (located in London.): Disney fans can explore a magical world of toys, costumes, and accessories at The Disney Store2.

QD Not listed. The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational entertainment conglomerate.

Search words used in Google AI = British UK retailers of toys

National chains:


QD The Indian parent company was mentioned above. It is not listed.


QD The Dublin link was mentioned above. It is not listed.

The Entertainer

QD As mentioned above, this company is listed.

Argos Toy Store

QD listed.

Early Learning Centre

QD listed.

Here are some examples of independent toy shops near you

The Entertainer

Salter Street Toys & Models (Stafford)

Toys4you (Sutton Coldfield)

QD Has not listed small independent walk-in shops individually. Instead, it has listed the association company in which over 240 such shops have an interest with links from that hub to the individual websites.

On a repeat run, the same entries appeared except there were no local entries and 3 additional businesses mentioned John Lewis Partnership, Amazon & the Very Group.

John Lewis: A high-end department store chain in the UK, John Lewis has a good selection of toys, including educational toys and premium brands.

QD Listed. Google misdescribes the store. It caters for all budgets and it is not just ‘high end’.

Amazon The online retail giant Amazon offers a vast selection of toys from all major brands and retailers

QD Not listed. This is an American business. It is misdescribed since it is incorrect to say it is a marketplace for all major retailers.

Very: Very.co.uk is a popular online retailer in the UK that offers a wide variety of toys, including exclusive deals and discounts

QD Listed.

Comment – QD performs best here in enabling you to find out about UK children’s toy retailers. In addition, information is provided immediately that some will find useful.

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