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PZ Cussons plc
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hygiene, baby & beauty products


HYGIENE BRANDS - Carex (hand washing and caring liquid, gels, wipes and creams). Imperial Leather (fantasy icons shower gel, infusions shower gel, foamburst, foamburst ultimate moisture, foamburst funky prints, fantasy (shower gel). bar soap, deodorants, bath infusions, hand wash. ). Original Source. Morning Fresh (dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets, dishwasher gel, dishwasher capsules, rinse aid, liquid detergent). Bayley’s of Bond Street(Antibacterial Hand Washes). Radiant (clothes colour protector).

BABY BRANDS - Childs Farm (skincare). Rafferty’s Garden (baby food). Cussons Baby (toiletries including Cussons Baby Lotion). Cussons Kids (shampoo, body wash, cologne, toothpaste and toothbrushes,)

BEAUTY BRANDS - St.Tropez. (tanning). Sanctuary Spa. Fudge Professional (shampoos and conditioners). Charles Worthington (hair care). Fudge Urban.

extra search word(s) - bars of soap.

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The Bayley’s of Bond Street(Antibacterial Hand Washes) contain luxurious scents.


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Manchester England UK

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PZ Cussons Manchester Business Park 3500 Aviator Way Manchester
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M22 5TG

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